Floods affect millions in Bangladesh, India and Nepal

Millions of people across BangladeshIndia and Nepal have been affected by floods caused by monsoon rains. In Nepal, thousands of families have been forced to flee their homes to escape the floods that have claimed lives, destroyed homes and ruined food stocks. UNICEF is working with the government and partners to get help to those most in need. 

By Sunir Pandey

SAPTARI, Nepal, 21 August 2017 – As the floodwaters receded, Asha Devi Raya, 30, came down from the roof of her house. She had spent the night up there along with her 28-day-old baby daughter, four other children, and her in-laws. 

Relentless rainfall across much of Nepal has resulted in monsoon flooding and landslides. Twenty-seven of the country's 75 districts have been affected by the floods, affecting 160,293 families and displacing 51,244 families throughout the country. So far 123 lives have been lost, including 20 children. 

For three days, Asha's family survived on handfuls of murai (puffed rice). Worryingly, Asha's baby was showing signs of weakness and rashes had appeared on her face.

"You have to make sure none of this filth gets to the baby," says Sunita Sulpe, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Officer for UNICEF, referring to the sludge left behind by the flood, as she hands a hygiene kit to Asha. 
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