Ice caves at Khumbu glacier

Did you know that close to 1.4 billion people depend on glacier fed rivers and springs of Himalayas, for water.

Melting of ice has always been a process in any glacial region but due to rise in temperature this process is getting faster than its supposed to be, which will have catastrophic impact for climbers and people living below of Khumbu glacier.

Being a photographer I wanted to see the icefall during the day. As most people prefer to climb at night which is relatively safe but in my case I started late so that I could see lights coming through the icefall.

When the light hits the icebergs we could hear ice crackle and even the crampons could not perform well as all ice turns soft and watery which makes it difficult to walk.

In picture: Guru Jen Jen Bhote, who was assisting my climb and was also assigned to collect trash onwards basecamp.