Nepal: Cold And Hungry At The Roof-Of-The-World

In Nepal,  still reeling from a devastating earthquake in April 2015, a dispute over the contents of the country’s new constitution has caused a months long closure of border points with India. 

This story explores how it is the poor and vulnerable, especially those affected by the earthquake, that are bearing the brunt of this crisis – and what the UN World Food Programme (WFP) is doing to help. 

Winter is coming

As snow begins to fall in the Himalayas, life has now become a desperate struggle for many in the most far flung and quake-affected parts of Nepal. 

The closure of the southern border with India since September has now entered its fourth month and shortages of food and other essential supplies have caused worrying inflation in the heavily import dependent country. The dispute is exacerbating the day-to-day struggles of those who are trying to rebuild after the quake, and it is those in the most isolated parts of the country that are faring the worst. 

Article link: Winter approaches villagers Nepal face greater challenges