Rhino translocation off to a positive start in Nepal’s Terai

Kathmandu, Nepal –

A Greater one-horned rhino found a new home today in Nepal’s Bardia National Park through a successful translocation program. The move is part of a greater effort to create a second, viable population of Nepal’s rhinos to help restore the species to historic numbers.

In the coming days, four additional rhinos will make the same journey as part of the larger plan to move 30 rhinos to Bardia National Park over the next two years.

“The expedition is an important step towards creating a second viable population in the western complex of Terai Arc Landscape comprising Bardia National Park and Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve,” stated Honorable Minister of Forests and Soil Conservation, Agni Prasad Sapkota. “Our bigger goal is to bring back rhino numbers to its historical size of 800 in Nepal.”

Article link: World Wildlife