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Clikman Production is the brainchild of award-winning filmmaker, Samir Jung Thapa. We have made a mark in photography and documentary filmmaking.

Working extensively in environment sector – from climate change to wildlife, covering humanitarian works in Nepal and on International grounds. We take pride in our expertise, our partners and are well equipped for all filmmaking and photography services.

Clikman works with well-recognized Institutions around the globe. To name a few – World Wildlife Fund (WWF), United Nations (UN) agencies like Unicef, BALLY Switzerland, USAID, International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Asian Development Bank (ADB), ICCO Cooperation, and SNV Netherlands Development Organization.

From concept creation to the final edit, we work as local Coordinator and fixer for International film production agencies. Experts in drone permits, fixing services, short films, photography, animations, Infographics, sound and music scores, we would be thrilled to add you to our clients lists.

Samir Jung Thapa

Cinematographer / Director

Samir is the founder of Clikman Productions. He is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer, with over 10 years of experience in documentary filmmaking.  Samir’s career started with walking the length of the country for the Great Himalaya Trail and thereafter shortly producing a documentary about Snow Leopard collaring in Kanchenjunga. The documentary “Ghosts of the Mountain’ received multiple acknowledgement at film festivals like KIMFF and WCFF in Washington DC.

In 2019 Samir summited Mt. Everest while working on a critical issue of pollution in the mountains. Working with Bally Switzerland, Samir documented the process of cleaning campaign, which collected more than 2 tonnes of garbage above base camp. His film “Bally’s Everest clean up campaign” won multiple awards at Miami and Croatia film festivals.

Currently, Samir is producing documentary films on clean up campaign of eight highest mountains in the world.

Passionate about filmmaking, Samir has worked with renowned organizations around the world and he also works as local coordinator for International film production agencies.

Jeevan Ale


Jeevan is a Producer for Clikman Production. Jeevan began his career as a cameraperson and photographer for various Foundations and Non-governmental Organizations in Nepal.

He has worked in producing documentary series for World Wildlife Fund, World Food Programme, Un agencies, ICCO corporation and World Bank, to name a few.

He also worked as cameraperson during satellite collaring of wild Elephant in Myanmar, a project for WWF Myanmar. With a degree in rural development and experiences working in remote parts of Nepal like Manang and Far-west, Jeevan is well versed about ethnic and indigenous groups in these areas.

Mickey “Bang” Angelino

Music Director

Mickey is a product of Musicians Institute, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Ca. His love for music started at the age of 7. A versatile musician ranging from heavy to clean, and everything in between. His musical and scoring influences include Eddie Van Halen, Mark Knophler, John Williams, Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer, to name a few.  


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